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I am trying to create a Kit in Qt Creator 7.0.2 from an SDK generated for x86_64 arch with mingw support (meta-mingw) for Windows Host. Upon adding qmake.exe file and compilers (C/C++), Kit throws error of "The Compiler GCC cannot produce code for Qt Version". However, the ABIs set in both GCC and Qt versions are same and compatible. Screenshot is attached below.

Upon investigating, i found out that the gcc compiler x86_64-oe-linux-gcc.exe doesn't work on cmdline. It throws error of missing libwinpthread-1.dll library which is actually present there but seems like the compiler binary is wrongly placed by meta-mingw layer. Currently, the locations of library and compiler binary is as below:


This setup throws error. But if I copy the libwinpthread-1.dll library onto the same directory where the compiler binary is present, it works fine. Which means that, somehow the compiler is expecting the dll to be loaded from current working directory whereas it is present in its parent directory. So, the SDK paths needs to be fixed.

Can you check if it works without any additional layers? Also would it be possible to get your local.conf?

Ansar, also please include the bblayers.conf file.


Kindly input what could be the proper fix for it.

Ansar Rasool

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