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Rudolf J Streif

On 6/13/22 2:32 PM, Richard Purdie wrote:
On Mon, 2022-06-13 at 13:08 -0700, Rudolf J Streif wrote:
I don't exactly know how the glibc versioning works. I suppose the
API versions are defined by the Version file of the various

However, when I did more analysis on the libraries whose libc
versions did not seem to be met, I found out that they were libraries
for a different architecture (x86_64) which were not supposed to be
included. Now I wonder if the check validates version compatibility
only or also checks architecture compatibility. However, if the
latter then the error message does not convey that.
In glibc different architectures implemented different functionality at
different times so the symbol versions don't match cross platform. I
therefore wondering if it was an architecture mismatch or whether it
was an older obsolete ABI we didn't show by default somehow.
It was definitely an architecture mismatch. I checked the architecture of the files with objdump.

What puzzles me is that in theory you should have seen a different
error about the architecture of the binaries not matching the target
That is what threw me off in the first place. I simply checked the versions. They were off but I could not explain why. The architecture explains it as you say. When scrolling through the objdump output the architecture eventually caught my eye.



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