Re: Force binary package install

Chuck Wolber

>> Is there an elegant way around it?
>> Error:
>>    Problem: conflicting requests
>>     - nothing provides needed by
>> xxx-single-group-0.1-r0.cortexa53_crypto
>>     - nothing provides needed by

Could this be considered a bug in the package_rpm.bbclass? It seems to me that if you skip files-rdeps,
we might not want to be adding anything into splitpreinst. Otherwise it seems silly to tell insane.bbclass
to skip something that RPM is going to ding you on later anyway. Or maybe I am confused...

In any case, I believe what you may be seeing can be viewed as an RPM-ism, and not necessarily a
yocto-ism per se. So you might consider trying one of the following to work around the problem:

Experiment with using a virtual provider. It may be possible to just map the dependency manually to
what is already there.

If you _know_ that your dependency is truly isolated to your recipe, you may be able to set RPROVIDES
values in your recipe so the resulting RPM thinks the dependencies are met internally.

Patch package_rpm.bbclass to add a guard variable around the setting of splitpreinst. Add that
guard variable to your recipe so it selectively turns off the pre-install checks for that particular package.
Or just check for files-rdeps in INSANE_SKIP and do the same thing...

Stop fighting RPM and switch to a different package type like IPK.


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