Re: How to remove the python3 from Yocto SDK

Alexander Kanavin

Python3 isn't directly pulled into the SDK, but is a runtime
dependency of other items, such as meson. You can check that by

$ bitbake core-image-minimal -g -c populate_sdk

and reading/grepping the .dot file for nativesdk-python3.

Meson in turn is pulled in by the sdk packagegroup:

$ grep nativesdk-meson |grep packagegroup
"nativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host.do_package_write_rpm" ->

I guess if you drop all python consumers from packagegroups, then
python won't get pulled in either, but that is swimming in uncharted
waters, and you'll need to ensure replacements from the host are


On Tue, 7 Jun 2022 at 14:21, Vinothkumar Eswaran <evinoth1206@...> wrote:

Hi Alex,

yes the absolute path works. May I ask why python3 is part of the SDK and is it possible to remove it from the SDK ?



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