Re: tc commands in yocto


I figured out why it isn't working when I finally managed to figure out how to check what kernel parameters the kernel was built with (/proc/config.gz); those configuration options are not actually a part of the kernel configuration, though I haven't been able to figure out why


as part of the do_configure step my defconfig (including those parameters) is copied to .config and this works correctly; but then if I run do_compile those configuration options (as well as several others) are removed from .config; though I haven't been able to find out how that happens; as far as I can tell the do_compile just runs kernel_do_compile which just does something like "oe_runmake Image CC="$SOME_FLAGS_FOR_CROSS_COMPILER" $LOADADDR_COMMAND" and then makes dtbs


any ideas why the configuration set in .config is not being used?

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