looking to build meta-riscv based HDMI image for nezha board

Robert P. J. Day

after finally unpacking my risc-v nezha SBC, i'm trying to
download/build an image that will boot to a desktop with as little
effort as possible. that is, given this board, i would prefer to do no
more than:

* flash appropriate image to micro SD and insert
* connect HDMI port to monitor
* power up

i don't want to connect ethernet, don't want debug port, don't even
want to connect USB mouse or keyboard ... with just what i've listed
above, i'd like to see the end result on the monitor.

the image that comes with the board apparently defaults to the MIPI
DSI display, so that doesn't help.

i've set up all of the meta-riscv (and other) layers to build an
image, so is there an image that will give me the above? or am i
overlooking something critical? thanks.


p.s. a downloadable image from somewhere (not even YP-based) just to
prove this scenario works would be helpful as well.

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