Re: Minutes: Yocto Project Weekly Triage Meeting 6/2/2022

Randy MacLeod

On 2022-06-02 11:31, Sakib Sajal wrote:


Attendees: Richard, Steve Sakoman, Tim Orling, Pavel, Aryaman Gupta, Saul Wold, Stephen Jolley, Akuster, Alexandre Belloni, Randy, Zack Welch



    - move AB-INT bugs from M1 to M2

Done (for unassigned and a few for other people )

    - move Medium+ 4.1 unassigned bugs from M1 to M2

Done: moved issues that seems less urgent to M3 to reduce "paperwork".



Medium+ 4.1 Unassigned Enhancements/Bugs: 74 (Last week 74)

Medium+ 4.99 Unassigned Enhancements/Bugs: 47 (Last week 47)

AB Bugs: 47 (Last week 50)

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# Wind River Linux

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