Yocto-generated image does not pass the systemd-boot bootloader


Good morning,

I generated a Linux Image by following the intel document "Yocto Project*-based Board Support Package for Intel Atom® x6000E Series, and Intel® Pentium® and Celeron® N and J Series Pro"[1].

I built option C (mc:x86-2021-minimal:core-image-full-cmdline) using bitbake. And used bmaptool to prepare a bootable image (differently from the document, in my case the `.wic.bmap` file was not generated, only the .wic, so I had to pass the --nobmap option to bmaptool).

The Elkhart Lake CRB recognizes the bootable image, and boots into systemd-boot.

After selecting the only option in the systemd-boot bootloader, the following message is displayed: "EFI stub: Loaded initrd from command line option", and the boot process does not go any further, being stuck on a screen with this message.

I have tried, however, this same image on my desktop (a Xeon E5-2650 V3) and I can boot til the login screen and log into root. I can also test the image on qemu. But the boot process fails on the CRB.

What could be possibly hapenning?

[1]: https://cdrdv2.intel.com/v1/dl/getContent/619566?explicitVersion=true&wapkw=619566

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