Make psplash wait for the framebuffer to be ready

Mike Looijmans

psplash doesn't work on my system because systemd attempts to start it at 1.6 seconds into boot, while the fb device is created 1.9 seconds after booting.

This results in:

[FAILED] Failed to start Start psplash boot splash screen.

I figure I'm not the first and only person in the world to encounter this issue...

I'm digging into udev and systemd options to properly make it wait. As suggested on the net, it should be possible using an udev rule like:

SUBSYSTEM=="graphics", KERNEL=="fb0", TAG+="systemd"

And then add the following to psplash-start.service:


I also tried this variant, as reported by systemctl list-units:


However, neither has any effect whatsoever, the service still tries to start too early and fails. The "After=" apparently is ignored or so?

-- Mike Looijmans

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