what's the situation with yocto support for qualcomm qcs{410,610} eval boards?

Robert P. J. Day

colleague just asked if i had any useful advice (spoiler: no) on how
easy it would be to build a yocto-based image for *some* qcs410-based
eval board. i'm familiar with meta-qcom, and machine definitions for
dragonboards, but this is clearly(?) different, and i see nothing in
the meta-qcom layer for this.

what i see is that qualcomm supplies a linux sdk, and i quote from

"A Linux SDK is built on Yocto Thud with Linux kernel 4.1.4. The SDK
integrates Qualcomm optimizations, GStreamer wth RTSP streaming support,
and AI support for TensorFlow Lite and Qualcomm SNPE. Android 10 support
is coming later."

the more i read in the last half hour, the more it seems that one
needs to bury oneself in qualcomm SDK, and repo-based checkouts from
codeaurora and so on. is this the way to go? or have i missed something?

colleague has some freedom in choice of qcs410-based eval board, if
that makes things easier.


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