Re: OpenSSL 1.1.1o in next dunfell release

Quentin Schulz

Hi Daniel,

On 5/17/22 10:29, Daniel Karlsson wrote:
Our customer wants us to ship OpenSSL 1.1.1o or a later version in our next software release so I’m interested to know if you plan to update OpenSSL in time for YP 3.1.17?
It's a minor release with CVE fixes, this should make the recipe update a candidate for Dunfell and other branches.

However, I did not see any patch on the mailing list yet for Dunfell.

If you want something to be updated, you can send a patch to the mailing list. That'll make it much more likely to be included in the next release. The maintenance, update and fixing of recipes, classes, etc.. of Yocto Project rely on contributors (we've very few people dedicated full time to the project, and they only have 24h in a day :) ), so don't hesitate to send a patch to us!

See It can be as simple as that commit. See on how to contribute. Let us know if you need some help or guidance.


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