Yocto Project Status WW19`22

Richard Purdie

Current Dev Position: YP 4.1 M1
Next Deadline: 30th May 2022 YP 4.1 M1 Build

Next Team Meetings:

Key Status/Updates:
  • YP 3.1.16 was released
  • YP 3.4.4 passed QA and has approval for release
  • We’ve continued to struggle with the git CVE fix issues and ended up changing the approach taken resolve it.
  • Whilst the git issue was breaking reproducible builds on the autobuilder, two other issues started occurring in reproducible builds, making clean builds hard to regain for master.
  • The update to gcc 12 has merged after clean test runs on the autobuilder. Thanks to Khem and Bruce for working though various issues in particular.
  • A lot of general version upgrades were merged bringing us more into sync with various upstreams, thanks Alex.
  • Help is very much welcome in trying to resolve our autobuilder intermittent issues. You can see the list of failures we’re continuing to see by searching for the “AB-INT” tag in bugzilla: https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/buglist.cgi?quicksearch=AB-INT

Ways to contribute:

YP 4.1 Milestone Dates:
  • YP 4.1 M1 build date 2022/05/30
  • YP 4.1 M1 Release date 2022/06/10
  • YP 4.1 M2 build date 2022/07/11
  • YP 4.1 M2 Release date 2022/07/22
  • YP 4.1 M3 build date 2022/08/22
  • YP 4.1 M3 Release date 2022/09/02
  • YP 4.1 M4 build date 2022/10/03
  • YP 4.1 M4 Release date 2022/10/28

Upcoming dot releases:
  • YP 3.1.16 is released.
  • YP 3.4.4 is out of QA
  • YP 4.0.1 build date 2022/05/16
  • YP 4.0.1 Release date 2022/05/27
  • YP 3.1.17 build date 2022/06/06
  • YP 3.1.17 Release date 2022/06/17
  • YP 4.0.2 build date 2022/06/27
  • YP 4.0.2 Release date 2022/07/08
  • YP 3.1.18 build date 2022/07/18
  • YP 3.1.18 Release date 2022/07/29
  • YP 4.0.3 build date 2022/08/08
  • YP 4.0.3 Release date 2022/08/19
  • YP 3.1.19 build date 2022/08/29
  • YP 3.1.19 Release date 2022/09/09
  • YP 4.0.4 build date 2022/09/19
  • YP 4.0.4 Release date 2022/09/30
  • YP 3.1.20 build date 2022/10/10
  • YP 3.1.20 Release date 2022/10/21
  • YP 4.0.5 build date 2022/10/31
  • YP 4.0.5 Release date 2022/11/11

Tracking Metrics:

The Yocto Project’s technical governance is through its Technical Steering Committee, more information is available at:

The Status reports are now stored on the wiki at: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Weekly_Status

[If anyone has suggestions for other information you’d like to see on this weekly status update, let us know!]

Archived content:

Tip of the Week:
  • The scripts in ${WORKDIR}/temp/run.XXX for shell tasks can be quickly hacked and used for standalone debugging by replacing the function call at the end with “bash -i” which will then drop you into a shell environment matching the task being debugged (minus the fakeroot context). 
  • Bonus marks for anyone sending a patch to add the fakeroot context as comments at the start of the scripts.
  • (send any tips you’d like to see here to Stephen or Richard)

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