enabling symbols for debug in clinfo

Monsees, Steven C (US)




I’d like to build clinfo w/ “-g” option to do some debugging with GDB…


I am looking at: meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-support/opencl/clinfo_2.


I created a “bbapend” file to modify the build recipes “Makefile.am” file prior to build, to introduce ‘-g’ for CFLAGS & CPPFLAGS, i.e. at top of Makefile.am added:


                AM_CFLAGS - -g

                AM_CPPFLAGS = -g


I checked the build tree and see my modified “Makefile.am” updated as expected, the update occurs at the end of the install process, using do_install_append… so the build should have used my modified file… but I do not have symbols for the clinfo package when I go to use GDB.


Is there a simple way to enable debug symbols for this package ?


Did I modify the wrong configuration file?, Should I be modifying configure ?


I am new to auto-build configurations…

Could someone tell me the easiest way to add “-g” to the clinfo standard build ?




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