Re: OE Linux & board-support-package

Alexander Kanavin

On Fri, 6 May 2022 at 13:55, Ross Burton <ross.burton@...> wrote:
OE Linux uses device tree files (*.dts and *.dtsi files), so is there any need for a board-support-package?
In the glorious future, they will be much smaller.

Note how meta-arm has generic Intel BSPs, and thanks to recent standardisation in Arm (SystemReady, etc) there’s a generic-arm64 machine in meta-arm too.

Of course, reality and theory rarely agree, and in the embedded/iot space there is a much greater need for customisation, so I don’t expect to see “BSPs” disappearing shortly.
There's an even more glorious and even more distant future, where all
hardware supports virtio, and there is no need for custom vendor
drivers at all. Also, everyone would be using risc-v by then.


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