Re: Adding systemd to yocto

Joel Winarske

Line 30-36 include changes to convert a sysvinit image to systemd.

On Thu, Apr 28, 2022, 10:19 AM Edgar Mobile <heideggm@...> wrote:

I tried to add systemd to weston-image-core by adding the following lines in local.conf:

DISTRO_FEATURES:append = " systemd" VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager = "systemd" 

And indeed, bitbake seems to use them in somve way:

DISTRO_FEATURES="acl alsa argp bluetooth debuginfod ext2 ipv4 ipv6 largefile pcmcia usbgadget usbhost wifi xattr nfs zeroconf pci 3g nfc x11 vfat seccomp largefile opengl ptest multiarch wayland vulkan systemd\" VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager = \"systemd pulseaudio sysvinit gobject-introspection-data ldconfig"
POKY_DEFAULT_DISTRO_FEATURES="largefile opengl ptest multiarch wayland vulkan"

However, if I start the system in qemu none of  the expected systemd binaries like systemd, systemd-journal etc. is present. Did I miss something?


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