Re: [psplash][RFC PATCH 00/14] Implement DRM backend

Alexander Kanavin

On Thu, 28 Apr 2022 at 15:54, Vasyl Vavrychuk
<vasyl.vavrychuk@...> wrote:
I did not tried personally but it should work under QEMU too.

Is it possible to automate with qemu targets?
Depends if QEMU/yocto test automation support screenshots.
Unfortunately, I don't have expirience with it.
We do need to find some way to test this code in our CI system: I
would recommend the following:

- make it possible to switch psplash recipe between drm and fb backends
- use drm by default
- find a way to check at runtime that the code didn't crash or error
out: perhaps checking logs for some kind of success message would be
- investigate qemu and particularly qmp protocol for ability to take screenshots

I can help with all of these if you have specific problems.


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