Re: secure boot w/ Mender bzImage fails validation #dunfell

Jonas Andersson


If OTA updates is not an option maybe RAUC can be an option for you?

/Jonas Andersson

21 apr. 2022 kl. 17:54 skrev Leo <sartre.leo@...>:

Hi Casey,

Please have a look at, with this class you can sign a bzimage compiled with the kernel efi stub.


Le jeu. 21 avr. 2022 à 16:13, Ballentine, Casey via <> a écrit :
Unfortunately, the uefi-comboapp requires systemd-boot, which Mender doesn't currently support with mender-partuuid which our system requires for software updates over USB. Our devices aren't connected to the internet so OTA updates aren't an option for us. I've started a discussion on to see if someone there can help us solve this issue, but in the meantime, any thoughts/suggestions are certainly appreciated!



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