LICENSE_CREATE_PACKAGE not working properly

Manuel Wagesreither

Hi all,

I'm on Dunfell [1] and just can't get LICENSE_CREATE_PACKAGE [2] to work right. I'd like to use it to get 'os-release-lic' onto my image. I don't want to install the license packages of *all* the packages onto my image, hence I'm setting NO_RECOMMENDATIONS [3] as well.


Both LICENSE_CREATE_PACKAGE = "1" and NO_RECOMMENDATIONS = "1" are set in my local.conf.

Symptom: Bitbake errors out saying nothing RPROVIDES 'os-release-lic'. Sometimes the package DOES appear in `oe-pkgdata-util list-pkgs` though. This seems to depend on whether I issue a build between adding LICENSE_CREATE_PACKAGE and adding os-release-lic, or do both together without an intermediate build.

Has anyone any idea what's going on here? Does it work on your projects?

As a start, where do oe-pkgdata-util and bitbake get their info regarding available packages from? How can come to different results?

Thanks in advance.

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