Re: Skipping already-stripped check doesn't work

Richard Purdie

On Mon, 2022-04-11 at 13:27 -0700, Alessandro Tagliapietra wrote:
Thank you for helping!

The package is node-red-node-serialport, it doesn't seem to create child
packages for the dependencies, the nodejs deps only reside in the package
node-modules folder.
The packages-split only contained node-red-node-serialport-* packages.

So I've tried to add the skips for these child packages too:

INSANE_SKIP_${PN} += "already-stripped arch"
INSANE_SKIP_${PN}-dbg += "already-stripped arch"
INSANE_SKIP_${PN}-dev += "already-stripped arch"
INSANE_SKIP_${PN}-doc += "already-stripped arch"
INSANE_SKIP_${PN}-locale += "already-stripped arch"
INSANE_SKIP_${PN}-src += "already-stripped arch"
INSANE_SKIP_${PN}-staticdev += "already-stripped arch"
For honister the syntax would be:


as the override change applies there.



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