Re: [Question] How to handle GPLv3 packages?

Robert Berger


My comments are inline.

On 08/04/2022 13:15, Matthias Schoepfer via wrote:
To elaborate more on the GPLv3 topic: If you were to use secure boot, signed update images, and all that jazz, how can you make your Firmware GPLv3 compliant? Has *anyone* done it or knows a company / product, that does that?!
I am not a lawyer, but I guess you could mention in your manual that you can dish out a non reversible image which was built with a "dummy" key. This would allow the end customer to replace the xGPLv3 components.

But instead of a "car" you have an expensive eval board afterwards.

Another interesting issue is the "EU Radio Equipment Directive". It seems to be incompatible with GPLv3[1] ;)



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