Re: [Question] How to handle GPLv3 packages?

Alexander Kanavin

Qualcomm is notorious for the poor quality of their layers. Just tell
the management that they created this situation, and they should be
held responsible for delaying whatever product you have to ship.


On Fri, 8 Apr 2022 at 10:18, Mans Zigher <mans.zigher@...> wrote:

Hi Ross,

We don't have a ptest set in DISTRO_FEATURE so if that is the only way
to pull in ptest I would say that is the reason for us at least on why
there are so many bash dependencies.
One recipe that I am looking into right now is util-linux which does
have package util-linux-bash-completion but even the package
util-linux seems to depend on bash and bash-completion when
checking the dependencies by running bitbake -g util-linux and bitbake
-g <image>. It is not clear why the package util-linux depends on bash
and bash-completion. I have other recipes where it is also
not obvious to me why they have a dependency to bash and
bash-completion. One such recipe is a recipe that we have created and
the only content in the package produced is a script and the script
only has #!/bin/sh so not sure where this bash and bash-completion
comes from it is not something we have added so maybe we have some
underlying issue here that results in so many dependencies to
bash and bash-completion. We have not set up this system ourselves,
instead one of the HW suppliers starting with a Q ending with COMM
which I must say I am not that impressed with has supplied the
base that we are building on.

Thanks for your help anyway.

Den ons 6 apr. 2022 kl 11:11 skrev Ross Burton <ross@...>:

On Wed, 6 Apr 2022 at 09:59, Mans Zigher <mans.zigher@...> wrote:
A more specific issue is that there are so many packages with bash
dependencies which are pulling in bash which is GPLv3 so how have you
solved that? Currently we have done some pretty uggly hacks which I am
not that happy with but we needed to keep it out of the image.
As you're not naming recipes it is hard to offer concrete advice, but
I will note that a large percentage of the bash dependencies in
oe-core are specific to the ptest packages. If you don't need those
then you can turn off the ptest DISTRO_FEATURE.


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