Fedora 36 / uninative GLIBCXX 3.4.30

Federico Pellegrin

I've been playing around building a Yocto imagine based on kirkstone/master on the just released Fedora 36 beta test image. (just to give a few bits more details: builds a MX8X image, works perfectly fine with Fedora 34 and 35 since quite some time)

The first and most obvious thing I've found out is that it is based on a newer version of glibcxx (3.4.30) when the very latest uninative available (as far as I could see, apologies if I'm wrong) is on 3.4.29, so at some point this will break the build (when pzstd is called).

Of course for the time being I just disabled uninative and the build is going on (will report of course should I find something else). I'm not sure (still checking this) if that should have happened automatically, but there was actually no warning in that sense (maybe because is GLIBCXX and not GLIBC itself?)
But the question is: should I try to contribute that tarball (I will search for details, but if there is any good reference more than welcome!) or is it something that is likely done by the core team?

Of course FC36 is still a test distro so there is no surprise it broke, but as we are close to Kirkstone release and possibly other distros will get the same upgrade, I guess it could be great if we may fix this before that deadline.

Many thanks!

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