Re: SCM usage in source urls and bandwidth

Alexandre Belloni

On 30/03/2022 11:42:46+0100, Richard Purdie wrote:
[list address fixed, sorry]

We've been having bandwidth trouble with so we did
some quick analysis to see what the issue is. Basically in speeding up the
server which was the rate limit, we hit the limits of the hosting pipe. I'd note
a few things:

a) it isn't the sstate mirroring, it is nearly all being used by downloads.

b) 25% of all our bandwidth is going on "
gdb.git.tar.gz" - i.e. downloading the source mirror binutils tarball

c) 15% is on i.e. glibc

d) OE-Core has as a MIRROR

e) poky has it as a PREMIRROR

What are our options? As far as I can see we could:

a) increase the pipe from but that does come at a
non-trivial cost to the project.

b) Seek help with hosting some of the larger mirror tarballs from people better
able to host them and have that as a first premirror?

c) Switch the binutils and glibc recipes to tarballs and patches. I know Khem
finds this less convenient and they keep moving back and forward but we keep
running into this issue and having to switch back from git.

d) To soften the blow of c) we could add devupstream support to the recipes? We
could script updating the recipe to add the patches?

e) We could drop the PREMIRRORS from poky. This would stop the SCM targets from
hitting our mirrors first. That does transfer load to the upstream project SCMs
though and I'm not sure that will be appreciated. I did sent that patch, I'm not
sure about it though.
I would simply drop PREMIRRORS, this is actually a privacy concern for
some of our customers that didn't realize they are leaking the names of
their internal git repositories to

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