Re: Strange sporadic build issues (incremental builds in docker container)

Trevor Woerner

Hi Matthias,

On Wed 2022-03-30 @ 06:32:00 AM, Matthias Klein wrote:
Yes, you are right, it is mostly the same recipes that fail. But they also change from time to time.
Today it happened to me even without Jenkins and Docker, normally in the console with the recipe
And keymaps follows the exact same pattern as modutils-initscripts and
initscripts; namely that their sources are entirely contained in-tree:

├── files
│   ├── GPLv2.patch
│   └──

23 SRC_URI = "file:// \
24 file://GPLv2.patch"

Any recipe that follows this pattern is susceptible, it's probably just a
coincidence that most of my failures happened to be with the two recipes I

This issue has revealed a bug, and fixing that bug would be great. However,
the thing is, is a shell program written 12 years ago which hasn't
changed since. The GPL/COPYING file is only there for "reasons". The license
file doesn't *need* to be moved into the build area for this recipe to get its
job done (namely installing into the image's sysvinit).

Best regards,

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