Re: Yocto poky/meta/recipes-devtool/perl

Alexander Kanavin

Can you please attach log.do_patch where the problem can be seen?


On Tue, 29 Mar 2022 at 15:11, Mike Ulan <mausvt@...> wrote:

I have the question: is anybody aware that patches in a recipe are not fully applied?

When retrieved the archive for package unpacked.
Šttributes of multiple files are set as readonly.

For 5.30.1${PV}.tar.gz;name=perl
or for 5.22.1 and 5.22 and 5.20${BP}.tar.xz
lots of read only files in archives.

Form man of Patch behavior --read-only=warn by default.
So files to be patched with read only attributes remain unchanged.

For override patch default behavior on --read-only, i placed in poky/bitbake/bin file with name patch and content:
/usr/bin/patch --read-only=fail "$@"
echo "patch wraper readonly fail" "$@"
perror $exvar
exit $exvar

And as a clearly predictable result, the build of perl failed.
To fix problem and apply all patches and particularly my patch to backport issue for my host environment
I added to perl_${PV}.bb recipe this:
do_patch_prepend() {
os.system('chmod -R +rw %s' % d.getVar('S'))

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