Re: [OE-core] Which vendors maintain SDIO WiFi in mainline stable kernel

Federico Pellegrin

Hi Jupiter,
I cannot help you on the specific chip you ask, but responding to the second part of your question I have quite good experience with Microchip WILC1000/3000 on SDIO which, after a part separate repo and then staging, is now in mailine from quite some time:
I had also some mixed experience (seemed to be arch releated) otherwise also with SDIO/SPI of SiLabs which is currently in mainline staging:
These chips are at least currently still on the market (modulo shortage problems), not sure about their projected lifespan (I guess something hard to foresee).


Il giorno mar 29 mar 2022 alle ore 08:16 JH <jupiter.hce@...> ha scritto:

I could not understand why so many large WiFi chip vendors retreat to
stop maintaining WiFi SDIO chips to mainline Linux kernel, and to
settle it's chip support to out of the tree, use its own SDK and
proprietary kernel tree to or private repository
which are not compatible to mainline stable kernel, the kernel
configures are also different.

I looked at the following link, the mwifiex and mwifiex_sdio support
the Marvell (NXP) 88W88 chipset, but only kernel 4.19 was able to
build and to run, kernel 5 cannot support 88W88 chipset, any more.
Same to Qualcomm, the old Atheros WiFi modules are supported, the
QCA-9377-3 chipset is in only supported by old
kernel 4.9.

Given the OE/Yocto poky kernel build is based on a mainline stable
kernel repository, how can I build kernel 5 for 88W88 chipset or
QCA-9377-3 from or private repository? Or which
WiFi vendors are still well maintaining the WiFi chips for kernel 5,
the only sensible solution is to switch WiFi SDIO chips? Appreciate
your advice and comments.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,


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