KERNEL_DEVICETREE cannot be appended?

Matthias Klein



I am trying to add a device tree in a yocto based on the meta-raspberrypi layer.

Adding the device tree via a patch in a bbapend of the kernel recipe is no problem.


But all attempts to add the file in the local.conf of the variable KERNEL_DEVICETREE replace all other device trees.

I.e. on the device is then only my new file. It seems that the "append" works like a "="?


#KERNEL_DEVICETREE:raspberrypi3-64:append = " broadcom/my-custom-tree.dtb"

KERNEL_DEVICETREE:raspberrypi3-64 += " broadcom/my-custom-tree.dtb"


Is there any way to add the device tree?

Preferably without having to create a custom machine for it?


Best regards,


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