Strange sporadic build issues (incremental builds in docker container)

Matthias Klein

Hello together,

I am building various kirkstone/master yoctos every night via Jenkins inside a Debian Bullseye Docker container.
These are incremental builds, reusing the build directory and sstate-cache of the previous build. The different yoctos are built in order. Each time, a new Docker container is launched.
(The same environment builds dunfell yoctos without any problems).

Now it happens sporadically that one of the builds aborts with the following message:

stderr: The series file no longer matches the applied patches. Please run 'quilt pop -a'.

They are usually alternating packages where the patch step fails with the above message. Also different yoctos are affected. But it is always the above message.
If I then restart the failed build it usually builds cleanly.

Does anyone have an idea in which direction the problem goes?

Many greetings,

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