Booting my raspberry pi image hangs at some point. Where exactly?

Manuel Wagesreither

Hi all,

I can netboot my Raspberry Pi 4 still fine, but when I flash the image onto a usb drive using wic, booting fails. I just stops to boot at one point. I'd be glad if someone could tell me where it's hanging so I could try to start tracking it down at the right place. All metalayers are on dunfell but not at the newest commit.

USB booting was working fine months ago and I don't really know at which point it stopped working.

This is the last I get from the serial console:

Read config.txt bytes 36302 hnd 0x00000035
Read start4.elf bytes 2229120 hnd 0x000025f8
Read fixup4.dat bytes 5448 hnd 0x0000004b
Firmware: 7d9a298cda813f747b51fe17e1e417e7bf5ca94d May 27 2021 14:02:15
0x00d03114 0x00000000 0x000000ff
MEM GPU: 76 ARM: 947 TOTAL: 1023
Starting start4.elf @ 0xfeb00200 partition 0
Stopping network
Stop display
Display stopped

The rest sadly appears on the screen only, so here is an actual screenshot:

It seems to detect the usb drive just fine. The last related log line I get is

sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Attached SCSI removable disk

Whatever is running (the kernel?) is not dead, though. Around 30 seconds later it prints a "vcc-sd: disabling" and some minutes later a "random: crng init done" (= random number generator is initialized).

Does anyone have an idea? I'll try to get my hands on an sd card in the meantime.


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