Multiconfig dependency

Oleh Kravchenko

Hello guys!
Could you please help me with Multiconfig setup?

I’ve "default" configuration with SystemD by default.
And "initramfs" configuration with Busybox and other settings.

I use next targets/recipes with initramfs configuration:
1. core-image-rootfs - packs core-image-minimal ext4 image to debian package;
2. initramfs-flasher-image - image that has core-image-rootfs;

Default configuration:
1. core-image-minimal - main rootfs;
2. flasher - packs initramfs-flasher-image squashfs image to debian package;
3. app-flasher - special application that has inside squashfs file from flasher package.

Everything works fine if I do clean build.
If I change somethings for core-image-minial (like IMAGE_INSTALL), it builds core-image-minial only:

bitbake app-flasher
But no updates for core-image-rootfs, initramfs-flasher-image, flasher and app-flasher.

Here how my multiconfig dependency in

do_install[mcdepends] =

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