Re: How to manage disk space while working with Yocto?

Manuel Wagesreither

Am Mi, 16. Mär 2022, um 08:54, schrieb Sourabh Hegde:
I have tried deleting $TMPDIR (build/tmp)$SSTATE_DIR (build/sstate-cache)$DL_DIR (build/downloads). But these things didn't help me.

These directories are crucial for a yocto build and they will get recreated if not existing. Deleting them does nothing besides prolonging the build process.

You could try putting `INHERIT += "rm_work"` in the build/conf/local.conf. It will delete the work directories at build completition. I just don't know if they get deleted when building of the individual package is finished (which would be good for you), or after completition of the complete build. (That would be too late for you, as you already ran out of disk space then.)

Regards, Manuel

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