Still affected by recent pkgconfig-native issue

Manuel Wagesreither

Hi all,

my dunfell build for a NVIDIA Jetson TX2 (support from meta-tegra) is failing in the way described here:

As per a comment of Richard Purdie, it should already be fixed. I seem still affected, though.

I digged into it and suspect I might have to backport [3] to the glibc version used in dunfell, which is 2.31. I would still like to hear your thoughts about this. There should be quite a few people affected by this, rather than just me. Hence I'm likely miss something to the complete story.

The bug ticket ( ) explains that the bug got introduced with [1], and is fixed with [2] and [3].


Poky dunfell contains [1] as 83b827e3d6835ef62cb2db3fc7505679ae727529 and [2] as a28d37580a1ae34d6c170490be420c7812d2b3e6 but not [3]. [3] patches glibc 2.34, while poky dunfell contains 2.31.

Best regards,

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