Re: [PATCH v2] bitbake/fetch2: Add a new variable 'BB_FETCH_ENV' to export Fetcher env

Jérôme Carretero

Hi Mingrui, Richard,

On Sat, 11 Sep 2021 11:42:44 +0800
"Mingrui Ren" <jiladahe1997@...> wrote:

On 06/09/2021 17:41, Richard Purdie wrote:
Why is this a problem? You need to state what the problem is
I think it's a good a feature if we could add custom variables into
fetcher. For example,
we could fetch private code by adding username or password, or we could
adding custom
proxy tools.
I have found myself using a sed one-liner to alter that variable list
in the fetcher code in order to pass through to git the
GIT_CONFIG_GLOBAL environment variable, the goal being to do git URL
rewrites via the git configuration (to pass HTTP credentials, or to use
a local repo because I didn't want to bother keeping obscure VPNs
online); it was the shortest way I could think of to achieve this.
Alternatively I could have used a PATH modification with a host tool
Ideally I would prefer adding a KEY += value line to a site.conf.

Best regards,


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