Re: [qa-build-notification] QA notification for completed autobuilder build (yocto-3.5_M3.rc1)

Teoh, Jay Shen

Hi all,

Intel and WR YP QA is planning for QA execution for YP build yocto-3.5_M3.rc1. We are planning to execute following tests for this cycle:

OEQA-manual tests for following module:
1. OE-Core
2. BSP-hw

Runtime auto test for following platforms:
1. MinnowTurbot 32-bit
2. Coffee Lake
3. NUC 7
4. NUC 6
5. Edgerouter
6. Beaglebone

ETA for completion this Thursday, March 10.


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A build flagged for QA (yocto-3.5_M3.rc1) was completed on the autobuilder
and is available at:


Build hash information:

bitbake: 8055ec360507e6a678ee5c4018ec1ab7f5a9cce5
meta-agl: 9df7a40dd0b5e3ee1ed72e460dc99193eeb4bd6c
meta-arm: 643cf58a6988505dbd9243142496a3bc649efb1c
meta-aws: 214a5867b3b0d9ba54818aabb1711eadf4ba9eb3
meta-gplv2: 5c9f033892ae56c178616859a1245efd375e64bd
meta-intel: 6fba58adb3823cd7578062b0afa4938dd7206adb
meta-mingw: d49e803e4b8b62dc148c182af499e582e7684de4
meta-openembedded: a75b9a549563e09fca9a8c280f5731152913b651
oecore: 4caea2d32f177fbbe3887f37b6700b2b4996b2be
poky: afbdba9b12bc12638d82813d1cd31ec479971c4b

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