Re: Honister on Ubuntu 14.04

Chuck Wolber

On Thu, Mar 3, 2022 at 10:07 AM Daniel Ammann <daniel.ammann@...> wrote:
I'm trying to build honister on Ubuntu 14.04. This is meant as a temporary
solution until the build server can be upgraded to something recent.
For now, I got it running with extended buildtools from poky, but the build of
libnsl2-native fails. It appears that the pkgconfig step is not executed
properly since do_compile fails with a header not found error.

Has anybody done a successful build of honister on Ubuntu 14.04? Is it even

I cannot speak for Honister, but I can speak to the higher level abstraction that is causing you issues.
The solution is to copy the (right version of the) missing header file into the proper location in the buildtools
directory. I maintain a running list of things I have to add to buildtools that I have posted to this list in the


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