Minutes: Yocto Project Weekly Triage Meeting 3/3/2022

Trevor Gamblin

Wiki: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Bug_Triage

Attendees: Alexandre, Armin, Daiane, Joshua, Luca, Pavel, Randy, Richard, Saul, Stephen, Steve, Tim, Trevor


- Randy to talk to David Reyna about triaging his Toaster Future/3.99 bugs (25)


- ~43% of AB workers have been switched to SSDs. Failure rate appears lower, but still TBD. More coming soon!

Medium+ 3.5 Unassigned Enhancements/Bugs: 77 (Last week 71)

Medium+ 3.5 Unassigned Enhancements/Bugs: 6 (new)

Medium+ 3.99 Unassigned Enhancements/Bugs: 38 (Last week 39)

AB Bugs: 71 (Last week 75)

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