Re: On managing debug and production builds


Thanks Tomasz. I will check kas.
No problem
Yes, for selecting some of the packages I have created prod and debug image
recipes.But this did not work for the kernel as the kernel recipe is picked
as part of PROVIDERin machine conf.

What are the difference there? You want to use different config on prod and debug images?
Maybe add it as config fragments? Then you would need to add some global variable to
distinguish when use given .cfg file.


SoI had to use 2 conf to have the
IMAGE_FEATURES (orany other var)set differently for prod and debug. This is for
building the kernelrecipie differently for prodand debug. Setting the
IMAGE_FEATURES in the image recipe (and not inconf) causes2 problems. One is
that kernel and other bootloaders recipes arepicked early via PROVIDER in conf
and not as packages included in image recipe.
Is that a problem?
Secondly,setting the var in the
image recipe breaks this command for e.g.

Didn't you want to distinguish this to builds to be able to run `bitbake base-image-prod` or
`bitbake base-image-debug`?

Since the command parses the recipes only once for both image creation.

Nevertheless I would greatly recommend you to use kas. In simple .yml file you
could prepare different `local.conf` per configuration prod/debug.


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