Re: opkg not picking up RPROVIDES alias. #yocto #vivado

Robert Joslyn

On Feb 28, 2022, at 3:11 PM, Sam <samdietz2001@...> wrote:

I have a recipe aliased by RPROVIDES which I assume is working due to the project picking it up during the compile.

However, opkg does not seem to pick up the alias, returning this error:
Collected errors:
* opkg_prepare_url_for_install: Couldn't find anything to satisfy 'alias-name'.

This issue seemed to arise after upgrading Vivado to a newer version.

Any ideas?
I encountered a similar issue when updating one of my builds that uses a package feed:

In my case the issue was that bitbake no longer resolves recursive dependencies of the do_build task:

This means if you use a command like “bitbake packagegroup-foo” to build your package feed, you won’t get all of the packages built. I just had to change how my package feed was generated by using "bitbake --runall build packagegroup-foo” to build my package feed from my packagegroup recipe.

I’m not sure if you’re seeing the same issue, but the symptoms are the same as what I saw.


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