Creating Package Feed for An Application Using SDK build #yocto #sdk



I came to know about the package feed feature, through which we can update the application in the target image by using apt-get commands. I just read about it on following link.

This link at high level ask user to set up a server for build/tmp/deploy/deb repo and updating /etc/apt/sources.list file at target with repo path.

I followed the steps and I am able to update the application on target using apt-get commands

For my work i use Yocto SDK for building the application software as a result i get application executable that i deploy in target using SCP command.

So my question is, Can I also setup a package feed for my target if I use Yocto SDK ? If yes, Can you please guide me how can I set it up and update the application easily on the target using apt-get commands.

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