Updating BBappend files in yocto #yocto #python #devtool


Hi Alexander,
I looked into the various options provided by devtool upgrade/devtool finish.
Unfortunately, it doesn't have the required options to update .bbappend files.

Below is a brief on my problem.

devtool upgrade doesn't consider updating .bbappend files of the recipe if they have overridden SRC related information.
For example, I have a .bbappend file in my custom layer that has overridden SRC_URI, SRCBRANCH & SRCREV information for a recipe in poky.

When I tried to update the recipe with latest SRCREV using below command:
devtool upgrade -S <latest_commit_revision> <recipename>

The devtool upgrade by default updates the original recipe (.bb) in poky but not the .bbappend file in my custom layer.
I briefly looked into the devtool upgrade sources to confirm this behavior as well.

Is this an expected behavior?
There could be cases where the .bbappend files might override the SRC related information and we expect the devtool to upgrade the respective .bbappend file?


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