Building Yocto images for RPi CM4

Sourabh Hegde

Hello All,

I am building a basic image (core-image-base) for RPi CM4(Lite) on "Honister" release with "uboot" as bootloader.

In my conf/local.conf file MACHINE = "raspberrypi4-64" and also I have set

PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/bootloader = "u-boot"

Image builds successfully and I transferred the image to SD card and tried to boot. I am using WKS_FILE = "" :

part /boot --source bootimg-partition --ondisk mmcblk0 --fstype=vfat --label boot --active --align 4096 --size 100
part / --source rootfs --ondisk mmcblk0 --fstype=ext4 --label rootfs_A --align 4096
part / --source rootfs --ondisk mmcblk0 --fstype=ext4 --label rootfs_B --align 4096
part /home --source rootfs --rootfs-dir=${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/home --ondisk mmcblk0 --fstype=ext4 --label homefs --align 1024 --size 500 --fsoptions "x-systemd.growfs"

But unfortunately, i am not able to boot using this image and initially it starts with
Detecting USB Device.
Hit any key to stop auto-boot..
Starting kernel..

But right after this screen turns off and after a second screen turns on with "Loading progress bar" and as soon as it loads, a blank screen pops-up. I am not sure whether system is booted properly or not. I am not able to interact with it. And no Linux user space is accessible

Sadly, the custom carrier board I am using has no serial console, so I can only use a RPi display to see the progress and messages.

Can anyone please let me know what could be the issue here and how to resolve it?

Your help will be much appreciated.

thanks in advance..

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