extract several source tree with devtool

Julien Stephan

Hi all,

I am wondering if it is possible to extract both a git repo and a tarball using devtool modify?
I am trying to use devtool modify on tensorflow-lite recipe (https://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-tensorflow/tree/recipes-framework/tensorflow/tensorflow_2.6.1.bb). The `tensorflow.inc` file fetches the tensorflow repository using git, then `tensorflow_2.6.1.bb` fetches 2 tarballs. The tarballs are extracted inside WORKDIR then files are installed inside the do_install() function.  This is running correctly using `bitbake tensorflow`. When using `devtool modify tensorflow`, the tarballs are not extracted, then I get an error at the do_install stage: files from tarball don't exist.

This is a general question not related to tensorflow. Any suggestions on how to handle this? Either on the recipe side or on the devtool side?

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