Yocto Zeus -docker/PREEMPT_RT

Monsees, Steven C (US)


I have 2 platforms one with a standard kernel the other using PREEMPT_RT kernel… both work as expected.


All things being equal, when I add docker container support to both platforms, the standard kernel works just fine, but on the  

PREEMPT_RT kernel docker does not appear to initialize/work correctly…


I have also tested using both ARM & Intel based HW, and appear tosee the same behavior on both.


Checking online it appears there is chatter about whether docker will run correctly under a PREEMPT_RT kernel.



Last entry, from July 2021, in this blog says not supported;

Docker for RTOS? - General Discussions / Feature Requests - Docker Community Forums


Under Yocto, will docker & PREEMPT_RT kernels function correctly, is this combination supported ?


I am currently running zeus based platforms, docker is at version 19.03.2-ce.


Is there a patch to correct for the compatibility issues being seen ?, or

Is there a yocto version I might move to which supports both correctly ?


Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.






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