Re: Building Yocto on M1 Mac

Abhijeet Tripathi

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Even if you do manage to start a build, performance won't be great.
Yocto, by design, builds the entire stack from source, so a lot of CPU
cores is essential. Don't spend your time waiting, get an
appropriately specced Linux workstation, or an account on a Linux
server that your organization might have for the purpose.

While that is perfectly true from the pure technical facts, I have to add that building in Parallels on a M1 is ok-ish. You have to crank up the VM way beyond the defaults, to something like 6-8core, 16+X GB RAM, but then it’s bearable for the occasional user. When you can’t get your hands on a proper environment, its certainly an option.

I agree that a powerful Linux workstation will really help but right nowI do not have access to any of it.
I Will try to check if I can get one, but in the meantime I would like to start on my Mac so that I can continue my learning.



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On 13 Feb 2022, at 14:24, Abhijeet Tripathi <abhijeettripathi3003@...> wrote:

Hello yocto-devs,

I'm new to the yocto project and trying to set up a build environment on my M1 Mac which is arm64 architecture.

I'm following the steps as mentioned in below link:

But it is always pulling up containers based on amd64 architecture. Are there any updated steps/link to set up a build environment specific to M1 Mac(arm64)?

Looking at Docker Hub, none of the published Crops containers are built for ARM64. You can try building the containers yourself, making sure to pick base distros that are available for ARM64.

Note that there are plenty of reports of Docker performing poorly on Macs, probably because of the file system implementation. You may be better off using a full VM via e.g. UTM.

I initially started with UTM but the problem with virtual machines is that we can only use half the resources of the machine.
This makes the builds slower, so I was looking at the container way.

Can you point me to any documentation which I can use to build customized containers for yocto builds?



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