Re: Building Yocto on M1 Mac

Anders Montonen

On 13 Feb 2022, at 21:59, Josef Holzmayr <jester@...> wrote:


On 13. Feb 2022, at 19:04, Alexander Kanavin <alex.kanavin@...> wrote:

Even if you do manage to start a build, performance won't be great.
Yocto, by design, builds the entire stack from source, so a lot of CPU
cores is essential. Don't spend your time waiting, get an
appropriately specced Linux workstation, or an account on a Linux
server that your organization might have for the purpose.

While that is perfectly true from the pure technical facts, I have to add that building in Parallels on a M1 is ok-ish. You have to crank up the VM way beyond the defaults, to something like 6-8core, 16+X GB RAM, but then it’s bearable for the occasional user. When you can’t get your hands on a proper environment, its certainly an option.

Just to give some numbers, building a Dunfell core-image-minimal for the Beaglebone, with a pre-populated DL_DIR took 36 minutes in a Linux VM on a M1 Max Macbook Pro (8 cores, 16GB RAM allocated), and 21 minutes on my 5900X desktop (12/24 cores/threads, 64GB RAM).


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