Support filenames with i18n chars

Rusty Howell


I am trying to get filenames with utf-8 chars to appear correctly when doing the "ls" command. Currently, "ls" will output the filename but replace the international char with "?".  For example it will output "/tmp/h??llo"  rather than "/tmp/hallo"  (a with an umlaut).  If I set the LANG=en_US.utf-8, that seems to fix the issue. But I have other embedded devices (not built by Yocto)  that don't have LANG set that will output correctly.

I have tried the kernel config  CONFIG_NLS_DEFAULT="utf8", but that did not help.  I have also added numerous the glibc-locale packages to the image but that also doesn't seem to help.

"locale -a"  outputs  "C POSIX en_US en_US.utf8 es_ES ... (etc etc)"
"locale -m" outputs only  "UTF-8"
"localedef -c -f UTF-8 -i en_US en_US.UTF-8" seems to succeed.
"locale"  outputs "LANG=     LC_*="POSIX"   LC_ALL="

Any help is appreciated.
Rusty Howell

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