Re: [tsc] 3.4.2 rc1 QA

Raj, Khem <khem_raj@...>

Can we then keep meta-agl for LTS and master only ? as it seems that’s what it is going to support


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Date: Thursday, February 10, 2022 at 2:45 AM
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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [tsc] 3.4.2 rc1 QA

3.4.2 rc1 was built on the autobuilder. It didn't send the QA email as that is
broken. I haven't sent it manually as we need to decide what to do with this
build. There was one failure and 8 warnings.

The failure was with meta-agl. As far as I know agl doesn't support honister and
the next branch has moved on for kirkstone. There is therefore an open question
about what we configure the autobuilder to do there.

The warnings all look to be from SDK testing with sstate server networking
issues. They shouldn't break the release and I don't believe there is any code
side issue beyond the server one.


[Yes, we need to get these things fixed, I know. They are being worked on. I'm
resorting to merging master stuff blind at this point too as the issues affect
that as well.]



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