Re: Error: Transaction check error: while doing do_rootfs task

Sourabh Hegde

Hello Khem,

Doing "bitbake -e core-image-swupdate | grep ^INIT_MANAGER=" shows INIT_MANAGER="none". And "bitbake -e core-image-swupdate | grep ^DISTRO_FEATURES=" shows DISTRO_FEATURES="acl alsa argp bluetooth ext2 ipv4 ipv6 largefile pcmcia usbgadget usbhost wifi xattr nfs zeroconf pci 3g nfc x11 vfat largefile opengl ptest multiarch wayland vulkan systemd wifi systemd pulseaudio sysvinit gobject-introspection-data ldconfig".

I don't understand why these is both systemd and sysvinit. In the core-image-swupdate I have mentioned:

DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " systemd"

Can you please let me know how can I check if the recipe has dependency on sysvinit or not?

Thanks in advance

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