Re: Maintaining ABI Compatibility for LTS branch

Khem Raj

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Subject: Maintaining ABI Compatibility for LTS branch
Hi Everyone,

One of the limitations of Yocto LTS branch is that there is no
guaranteed backwards compatibility. Therefore, any time we move a branch
forward to move to latest dunfell release, we are taking a risk of
breaking our customers.
I'd be interested in hearing about any cases where we've broken things!

In general I don't take version upgrades (other than bug fix/cve fix
only dot releases)

Yocto reserves the right to move a package version forward if a
security fix cannot be applied properly as an example.
These cases should be extremely rare, and the community/technical
steering committee is given an opportunity to review this before it

I'm certainly open to suggestions on how we can do better.

I'd love to see some tooling to do ABI checking!
I think its not that LTS itself but also upgrade from LTS to LTS or other
newer versions, it wouuld be good to have this tool and prerhaps a list
of API/ABI changes to help migration/upgrade to newer LTS releases.


This promise is being held true on the kernel by running kernel API
tests etc. and running test benches across different CI environments.

I was curious about how everyone is approaching this problem.
There was some attempt to bring ABI checking functionality in the past
but this has never been merged.

Is everyone rolling their own solution? or never moving forward?


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