Error: Transaction check error: while doing do_rootfs task

Sourabh Hegde

Hello All,

While bitbaking an image recipe with systemd configured in "local.conf", I am facing an error while doing do_rootfs task.

In the local.conf :

DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " systemd"
VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager = "systemd"
VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_initscripts = "systemd-compat-units"

Bitbake error:
Transaction check succeeded.
Running transaction test
Error: Transaction check error:
  file /sbin/telinit conflicts between attempted installs of sysvinit-2.96-r0.cortexa7t2hf_neon_vfpv4 and systemd-1:244.5-r0.cortexa7t2hf_neon_vfpv4

I was not facing this error before without systemd.

Can anyone please let me know how to resolve this error and what does this error mean?

Your help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

P.S: If I uncomment DISTRO_FEATURES_BACKFILL_CONSIDERED += "sysvinit" in local.conf I get below error:

ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'sysvinit' (but [...]/ RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)
sysvinit was skipped: missing required distro feature 'sysvinit' (not in DISTRO_FEATURES)

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